Cos The Kid offers a variety of services that combine to create a captivating customer-facing presence for your business. He cares a great deal about the little things; from the placement of every design element to the wording of every campaign. Redefine your brand identity, expand your audience with a precise marketing strategy and propel your company’s vision.
He lives for the fine details!



All music, is new music to someone who hasn’t heard it before. Work with Cos The Kid to help bring your music to the masses & awareness to your movement!


Work with Cos to construct every element of your design in detail, carefully arranging it into an aesthetic whole. What matters are results.


What use is an amazing website if no one’s around to see it? With Cos, you get to work side-by-side with a marketing strategy expert to design your next big campaign.


Your brand is the identity of your business. It’s the image that sticks in your customer’s mind, the thing they connect with and build trust in. Cos is just the person to help you do that