Sacramento native, Marcos Armenta professionally known as DJ Cos The kid was striving to further his education like many other individuals his age. It wasn’t long, however, until he realize his heart just simply didn’t seem to be in school any longer and made the decision to pull a Kanye West move and drop out of college.

Similar to many music aficionados, Cos was reeled in to music at a seemingly young age. “Ever since I was little, I was always on top of the new music,” he recalls. “And I always played with my uncle’s equipment, just messing around.” Although he started off just messing around, his undying passion for music lingered and his interested in the art of DJing continued to expand as a result, he took a leap of faith and decided to pursue it professionally. Pursuing it professionally for a little over 10 years now, it’s safe to say Cos has experienced both the pros of cons when it comes to DJing.

When asked what he personally feels the most challenging about DJing is, he replied with, “Crowd Control. You can play whatever YOU like, but if you don’t know how to control the crowd then you’re really not doing your job.” As far as the pros that came along with his job, he feels that “Being able to see the world, thru music, is something I always dreamed of and luckily was able to make that come true.” He also mentioned, “breaking records and being recognized for always having my ears to the streets and ahead of the curve music wise is always rewarding as well.”

Easy. A common misconception among many that aren’t particularly knowledgable on the history of DJing. While Cos, admitted that it surely isn’t “that hard,” he noted that a lot of people do feel that because they know a lot of music, DJing would come as easy as reciting the alphabet, but there’s more to it than “knowing music.”

Inspired by the greats that came before him, Cos revealed that for him, the most rewarding aspect of everything he does is being able to inspire those that look up to him and that want to do the same stuff he does. Cos has been making great efforts to put himself and his career in a position to reach a new level of ability and heights, and advises anyone looking to professionally pursue DJing to do them to the best of their abilitiy and never to allow anyone’s doubt keep them from doing so. – Written by Antionette Latrese

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